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Living on the planet provides an opportunity to learn how to trust ourselves. Another way to say it is this: we are here to learn how to be true to ourselves (or authentic, which also means to fall in love with ourselves, which includes all life). When you become consciously aware of your true Self, at the same time you become that Self—and you’re also well on your way to creating a life beyond your wildest dreams. 

Humans are notorious for shape-shifting themselves into whatever they think they need to be in order to gain acceptance and approval. This is completely understandable given the historic need we’ve all had to find fulfillment in what we do and/or in a relationship with another. However, ultimately this need to please our outer world so that it will provide validation (so we then feel good, feel accepted, that we’re okay, etc.) takes its toll.

Some part of us knows we’re not really being real, that within the context of the way we’ve defined ourselves, we’re so much more than what we allow ourselves to be. We know this because we’re not able to maintain our good feeling if our outer source of validation disappears nor are we ever truly content with life. There’s always a need for more, for something else, and this translates into continuous doing rather than being (which also means needing to keep everything under control). However, consciousness is being.

Within the chaos of our world today our soul is inviting us to let go of all the definitions we’ve placed on ourselves because the truth is, these definitions have caused us to not know who we are at all. We’ve been controlling ourselves in order to fit into the norm and this has caused a very thick overlay of mass consciousness that completely covers up who we really are. This is why it is very challenging for anyone to find a deep permanent joy, which is a natural state of being. The mind has been continuously trying to figure everything out but the truth is, we don’t need to know, which means we don’t need to keep our lives under control. We just need to trust life that it knows. Our job is to get out of the mental way and follow our joy.

To do this, we have to be willing to set ourselves free from the mass consciousness, which is a process that takes time because of its thick overlay. It is a necessary step though, because in order to be able to trust ourselves that if we follow our joy we will be taken care of, we need to know (on a being level, not just knowledge level) who we are (thus tapping into that natural joy) and this knowing (joy) can only be discovered as we let go of who we thought we were, which it turns out, is not who we are at all.

Consciousness creates everything but most of us aren’t conscious of how we’re being. Again, consciousness is being, it’s not a belief—it’s not mental. It’s how we’re choosing to be. Until now, our consciousness has been operating on a set of beliefs that have defined our world and the outer world has simply reflected these beliefs back to us. Self-help philosophy in the last few decades has helped many of us to realize that if we don’t like what’s in our world, if we change our beliefs our reality will also change. This is true to an extent but it’s still limited to the mind and the beliefs it holds to be true so that it still needs the outer world to validate for us (through reflection) the new person we’re becoming due to our new beliefs.

However, it’s now time to go beyond the need to rely on beliefs at all. Nothing wrong with having beliefs but ultimately true joy is found when going beyond the mind, beyond the need for validation. That’s not to reject the mind but rather, to release it from its need to be in control because you are not your mind. You are a body of divine consciousness that has infinite compassion at your core.

Choosing to allow yourself to be the compassionate being that you are puts you in a pure state of consciousness. Choices then made from this state of being (not from the mind), will create the perfect reality that your soul wants for you. Your outer world will no longer need to reflect your inner world although it will, but you will no longer need that reflection because you are not defined by it. You simply are. Joy is yours, period.

So, to become authentic, to be true to thyself, requires becoming aware of who you are and of who you are not—and choosing to let that old story go. There’s not much you need to know. It actually happens naturally without any struggle if you allow it. Using your breath you can invite in your true essence, your divine Self, and invite it to show you who you really are. It will, but it will also show you who you are not.

All you have to do is cultivate a relationship with this compassionate being that you begin realizing you are, and give that compassion to the aspects of you that you begin discovering you’re not. They exist because you defined them and set them in motion, so they may hang on for awhile due to habit, but eventually with continual acceptance and compassion, they will come into balance or integrate within, releasing their energetic attachment to you. Meanwhile, as the old story of who you thought you were falls away, your real true Self continues to expand, as does your joy or knowingness.

This is where humanity is ultimately headed. It is the process of the divine melding with the human and the beauty of this process is that the more conscious we become of our compassionate nature, the more we become that compassionate being, and this affects mass consciousness. It literally creates a new consciousness that others can tap into, which allows them to begin becoming conscious of the compassionate being that they are as well. This process is already in full swing globally and everyone is feeling the effects of it whether they know what’s happening or not.

When you make a conscious choice to invite your divine Self to move into your life, everything in your world is going to change, and that’s okay. In the process, remember to give yourself a hug, to be gentle with yourself, and most importantly, to love yourself no matter what. You are worthy of infinite love because you are infinite love! Trust yourself that whatever choices you make are perfect for you, even if some of those choices are to go back to habits that no longer serve you. Trust that you are well on your way to being authentic and real and to thus creating a life beyond your wildest dreams.



  1. So good Paul!! Thank you!! I finally ‘understand’ why my soul didn’t resonate with the ‘mirror’ and reflection analogy fully…true joy beyond the mind and validation…just having the ‘knowing’ for ourselves and trusting our ‘selves’. how perfect is that? Being the compassionate, loving, and Excited being that I am!! Lol 😀

    • You are so wise dear friend. Creating your own reality consciously through connecting to the divine within…it is way cool and such a ride. Like you say, we can literally do anything we want! Thanks for your sharing. 🙂

  2. Loved it Paul!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thank you, thank you for the confirmations.
    Am already in process of translating it.
    Hugs dear friend!

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