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There once was a boy who in March 1953 entered the physical dimension in a small town in eastern Nebraska feeling rather lost. From his earliest years fear and frustration ruled his days AND yet somewhere deep inside, very well hidden and yet unquestionably present was a knowing that nothing is as it seems. Such knowing was lost on this young boy however as he struggled within himself to grasp what in the world he had gotten himself into AND at the same time angels surrounded him with tremendous compassion and love AND somewhere deep inside he sensed this, although unconsciously.

School was a disaster for this boy from day one. After his mother dropped him off at a Catholic Mass that preceded his kindergarten class, rather than follow the other kids over to the school building at the conclusion of Mass he panicked, AND yet somehow managed to make his way six blocks back home only to discover a locked house and his mother nowhere to be found, AND as he sat on the front porch steps sobbing unbeknownst to him these very same angels were holding him in a very warm loving, compassionate embrace.

With no conscious knowledge of such loving support, from that moment on things only got worse. Not only was he afraid of just about everything that moved including his own shadow, he had plenty of reasons to be afraid at school as a certain few bullies used him as a target of ridicule AND during those moments when their words and actions sent him to the ground hurting, hundreds of invisible angelic cheerleaders were with him, encouraging him to get back up and carry on.

As if being persecuted at school wasn’t bad enough, at home he felt both misunderstood and alone because his parents were too busy trying to make ends meet to offer any affection, instead focusing on maintaining obedience through occasional harsh discipline. By the time he was ten years old he felt lost in the middle as the fifth of what had then become ten siblings AND at the same time, this predicament was exactly what he needed to begin cultivating a sense of independence that would eventually allow him to find the courage to be himself regardless of what others thought about him (although it would be years before he realized this).

During his teen years the outer harassment died down considerably but this actually had an adverse affect on him for now he felt ignored and thus, more alone than ever. This also caused inner mental harassment, something that had been going on within him all along, to become even more pronounced. Like all the other teenage boys in his class, he desperately wanted a girl friend in order to feel loved, comforted, and accepted but his low self-esteem caused by his inner critic made this impossible to create AND yet, this caused him to turn to God seeking answers to questions none of his other classmates would even begin asking for many years to come.

Even though he feared God immensely, on some level he also knew he was being guided and protected by Him AND thus, although without even once thinking about it, deep within him a trust was growing that slowly became the courage he needed to follow his instincts AND this allowed him to begin giving himself many amazing adventures.

For example, around the age of fourteen a neighbor kid who went to a different school befriended him AND this turned out to be a tremendous Godsend, for if it wasn’t for this one friend he wouldn’t have had any friends at all at that age. Thus he spent many hours with his new friend, who he looked up to because he was very out-going and seemed to know things about life (sex in particular) that no one else had ever told him. This friend introduced him to cigarettes AND encouraged him to grow his hair long, something his parents frowned on and was forbidden at his high school.

That same year he managed to find a job at a neighborhood grocery store AND this added significantly to his growing sense of independence, which manifested over the next four years in particular in his willingness to not only not cut his hair, but to also wear radical looking clothing such as a white pair of pants with brown trees printed on the legs, a pair of blue jeans that he had a tailor turn into bellbottoms by sewing US flag looking material into the seams of both legs, AND a brown suede leather jacket decorated with fringe.

Age eighteen turned out to be a very pivotal year in terms of his growing awareness that there is more to life than meets the eye AND although he would not recognize the significance of this for years to come, this one year of his life was indeed monumental.

It really began in the latter part of his seventeenth year when the common thread of smoking cigarettes in the school bathroom allowed him to get his foot in the door of a group of guys he so desperately wanted to be accepted by AND that seemed to occur without any effort on his part. One day out of the blue one of them invited him to skip school together AND this turned out to be his introduction to marijuana, which later became hashish and LSD.

Although the fear of punishment for breaking some of the rules was certainly not new to him, he didn’t take lightly the potential repercussion involved with the risk of skipping school, not too mention using illegal drugs, AND yet the pros far outweighed the cons, for this was the most fun he could ever remember having AND this shows that sometimes he was willing to put loving himself over the critical voice in his head that seemed to always be finding fault with anything he chose to do no matter what it was.

For example, when at age sixteen he quit his job in order to pursue a long-time desire to play basketball, he was tormented ruthlessly by the voice in his head that continually told him he would never make the team; that he was not good enough and yet, when he listened to this voice, quit the team and went back to his job, those same mental voices now lame blasted him for being a quitter.

Nevertheless, he was so influenced by this group of high school kids who were now his friends that he felt more courageous than ever before AND that led to a gutsy choice in August 1970 to drive his recently acquired VW Bug 500 miles to Denver to see the rock band’s Mountain and Jethro Tull perform at Red Rocks Amphitheater AND while there he stayed with the son of a co-worker whom he had never even met.

Then in June 1971, days after his high school graduation AND against his parent’s wishes, he headed off in his VW Bug to McRea, Louisiana together with a friend from his high school group to attend The Celebration of Life Rock Festival only to experience his car’s engine blowing up in Missouri. Though he was quite shaken emotionally, his friend was determined to get there so they abandoned the car behind a gas station and chose to hitchhike the rest of the way AND it just happened that the first person to pick them up was on his way to this very festival AND even more amazing was that at the end of the festival eight days later they met someone from their hometown who gave them a ride back, dropping them off at their front doors!

Shortly thereafter his dad helped him tow his car back from Missouri AND one of his brothers repaired it for him. Two months later he chose to travel another 500 miles alone, this time to Minneapolis where the rock band’s The Who and Wishbone Ash were scheduled to perform but just outside Des Moines, Iowa the engine of his VW Bug blew up once again. Devastated, he broke down crying. He ended up having to not only again abandon has car but to also have money wired to him just to get back home on a bus AND this time his brother went with him to tow it back AND then ended up putting a whole new engine into it for him.

However, a month later a car accident totaled his VW Bug by sandwiching it between two other cars, sending him to the hospital AND within three days he experienced a miracle healing of what the doctors had called a hairline fracture to his neck. Such healing did not occur however before uttering many silent yet very sincere prayers while lying in a hospital bed with his head and neck in traction. In those prayers he promised God he would do anything He wanted if He would heal him AND so, after this miracle healing, he now consciously knew there not only is a God, but that He actually cared enough to heal him.

To his surprise (AND deep inner delight), in October that same year his top childhood persecutor actually befriended him when they unexpectedly bumped into each other. It just so happened this former childhood tormentor had turned spiritual and immediately began speaking about the nature of life and the universe, as he now understood it.

What was spoken that day touched such a deep chord within him that it wasn’t long before he found himself living in a commune with his new friend and four others AND thus began an entirely new chapter in which he spent the next three years living and traveling with these folks, and oh what a ride it was.

Due to his ignorance of how much pent up frustration and pain he was harboring within him, the stress of being so physically close to so many eventually caused an emotional breakdown AND yet this solicited deep love and compassion from a slightly older woman who was the leader of this commune AND as far as he was concerned, was the loving mother he believed he had never had before. With such acceptance and approval he suddenly found the courage to speak to strangers about his newfound spiritual discoveries, whereas before he had always been shy around others. This also opened up a creative aspect AND he began learning how to make rings out of silver and turquoise.

Another significant experience occurred in June 1972 when he and his neighbor friend drove together 450 miles to Oklahoma City to see the rock band Jethro Tull again, without having purchased tickets. Imagine their dismay when they arrived at the ticket booth and were told the concert was sold out AND now imagine their delight when, standing there looking dumfounded at each other in disbelief at their misfortune, the phone inside the booth rang and moments later the attendant told them that that call had been a cancellation which had opened up two tickets for sale, six rows from the stage! When he added this experience to the list of the many other significant things that had already happened to him, by now it was clear to this growing young man that God was absolutely involved in his personal life.

Towards the end of the three years with this commune, he experienced yet another miracle. While he was sitting in the passenger seat of a two door Volkswagen Sedan as it was traveling along the twisty roads of the San Bernardino Mountains north of San Diego, a dog dashed out in front of the vehicle causing the driver to swerve the car away from the dog towards the mountain edge where there was no guardrail protection. Instinctively this young man grabbed the wheel and yanked it back towards the mountain but the sudden shift of momentum this caused threw it off balance, causing it to begin tipping over in that direction, so the driver quickly yanked the wheel back the other direction, which then caused it to immediately flip over the edge. Down the mountain the car rolled over and over again (at least 50 yards) AND yet neither one of them had been injured in anyway when it finally came to a stop with its wheels up in the air, looking like a mangled hunk of metal.

This experience had a profound effect on him AND, remembering the first miracle, he was now more than convinced God had a plan for his life AND this knowing was perhaps the greatest reason why in February 1975, less than half a year later, he allowed himself to be swallowed up by a religious organization the press at the time was calling ‘The Moonies’, led by a Korean evangelist who claimed to be the Second Coming of Christ. Thus began yet another era of his adventure that lasted a total of 23 years AND included being matched to a woman in 1979 and three years later married in a mass wedding of 2075 couples in Madison Square Garden.

1998 was the year he chose to divorce both Moon and his wife AND from then until now he has focused on learning to love himself, however that may have looked and felt like at any given time. These past 16 years have not been without the continuation of many lifetime-old habits of self-abuse and addiction AND yet, he has also come to realize that the God he always thought was out there somewhere actually exists right inside his heart AND is in fact who he really is.

Which brings this story to the now moment. Everything written above about the past was done from the perspective of a 61-year-old grown man, the now future Self of the growing young man who has been the subject of this story AND from this now moment perspective, this now mature man realizes, thanks to having taken the time to reflect on everything he has thus far, that there is nothing more to reflect upon for it is now clear to him just how much of a master he is AND always has been.

With such awareness he now knows he has no need to write any further details about any of the remarkable and amazing experiences he has had thus far because he knows they were all absolutely perfect. He now realizes just how wonderful as well as creative they all were, no matter how painful or joyful AND as a master he is now able to forgive himself for all the times when he thought he did something wrong and thus believed he was unworthy AND for all the times he abused himself and others because he didn’t understand how to take responsibility for himself.

Such forgiveness comes because he now realizes the most important thing any human can possibly realize: “I exist” AND therefore, “I am that I am”. With this awareness comes the knowing that all is well in his creation AND thus, he is able to step away from a victim consciousness for the first time in his life AND to now begin taking responsibility as the creator.

He also now knows that all energies are in service to him AND that they are now set in motion to bring to him a level of abundance he has thus far been unwilling to give himself AND at the same time he also knows if there are any illusions still lingering within him, the energies will now go to work to flush them all out, eventually leaving only the pure, crystalline I am AND he is completely willing to allow the energies to serve him in both these ways.

AND so it is that the story of this young boy turned mature man comes to an end AND a new story of a master begins – the new energy story of a master living life in the moment, allowing the soul to experience what it is like to walk the earth fully embodied within a human.

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Living on the planet provides an opportunity to learn how to trust ourselves. Another way to say it is this: we are here to learn how to be true to ourselves (or authentic, which also means to fall in love with ourselves, which includes all life). When you become consciously aware of your true Self, at the same time you become that Self—and you’re also well on your way to creating a life beyond your wildest dreams. 

Humans are notorious for shape-shifting themselves into whatever they think they need to be in order to gain acceptance and approval. This is completely understandable given the historic need we’ve all had to find fulfillment in what we do and/or in a relationship with another. However, ultimately this need to please our outer world so that it will provide validation (so we then feel good, feel accepted, that we’re okay, etc.) takes its toll.

Some part of us knows we’re not really being real, that within the context of the way we’ve defined ourselves, we’re so much more than what we allow ourselves to be. We know this because we’re not able to maintain our good feeling if our outer source of validation disappears nor are we ever truly content with life. There’s always a need for more, for something else, and this translates into continuous doing rather than being (which also means needing to keep everything under control). However, consciousness is being.

Within the chaos of our world today our soul is inviting us to let go of all the definitions we’ve placed on ourselves because the truth is, these definitions have caused us to not know who we are at all. We’ve been controlling ourselves in order to fit into the norm and this has caused a very thick overlay of mass consciousness that completely covers up who we really are. This is why it is very challenging for anyone to find a deep permanent joy, which is a natural state of being. The mind has been continuously trying to figure everything out but the truth is, we don’t need to know, which means we don’t need to keep our lives under control. We just need to trust life that it knows. Our job is to get out of the mental way and follow our joy.

To do this, we have to be willing to set ourselves free from the mass consciousness, which is a process that takes time because of its thick overlay. It is a necessary step though, because in order to be able to trust ourselves that if we follow our joy we will be taken care of, we need to know (on a being level, not just knowledge level) who we are (thus tapping into that natural joy) and this knowing (joy) can only be discovered as we let go of who we thought we were, which it turns out, is not who we are at all.

Consciousness creates everything but most of us aren’t conscious of how we’re being. Again, consciousness is being, it’s not a belief—it’s not mental. It’s how we’re choosing to be. Until now, our consciousness has been operating on a set of beliefs that have defined our world and the outer world has simply reflected these beliefs back to us. Self-help philosophy in the last few decades has helped many of us to realize that if we don’t like what’s in our world, if we change our beliefs our reality will also change. This is true to an extent but it’s still limited to the mind and the beliefs it holds to be true so that it still needs the outer world to validate for us (through reflection) the new person we’re becoming due to our new beliefs.

However, it’s now time to go beyond the need to rely on beliefs at all. Nothing wrong with having beliefs but ultimately true joy is found when going beyond the mind, beyond the need for validation. That’s not to reject the mind but rather, to release it from its need to be in control because you are not your mind. You are a body of divine consciousness that has infinite compassion at your core.

Choosing to allow yourself to be the compassionate being that you are puts you in a pure state of consciousness. Choices then made from this state of being (not from the mind), will create the perfect reality that your soul wants for you. Your outer world will no longer need to reflect your inner world although it will, but you will no longer need that reflection because you are not defined by it. You simply are. Joy is yours, period.

So, to become authentic, to be true to thyself, requires becoming aware of who you are and of who you are not—and choosing to let that old story go. There’s not much you need to know. It actually happens naturally without any struggle if you allow it. Using your breath you can invite in your true essence, your divine Self, and invite it to show you who you really are. It will, but it will also show you who you are not.

All you have to do is cultivate a relationship with this compassionate being that you begin realizing you are, and give that compassion to the aspects of you that you begin discovering you’re not. They exist because you defined them and set them in motion, so they may hang on for awhile due to habit, but eventually with continual acceptance and compassion, they will come into balance or integrate within, releasing their energetic attachment to you. Meanwhile, as the old story of who you thought you were falls away, your real true Self continues to expand, as does your joy or knowingness.

This is where humanity is ultimately headed. It is the process of the divine melding with the human and the beauty of this process is that the more conscious we become of our compassionate nature, the more we become that compassionate being, and this affects mass consciousness. It literally creates a new consciousness that others can tap into, which allows them to begin becoming conscious of the compassionate being that they are as well. This process is already in full swing globally and everyone is feeling the effects of it whether they know what’s happening or not.

When you make a conscious choice to invite your divine Self to move into your life, everything in your world is going to change, and that’s okay. In the process, remember to give yourself a hug, to be gentle with yourself, and most importantly, to love yourself no matter what. You are worthy of infinite love because you are infinite love! Trust yourself that whatever choices you make are perfect for you, even if some of those choices are to go back to habits that no longer serve you. Trust that you are well on your way to being authentic and real and to thus creating a life beyond your wildest dreams.

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The following is an excerpt from “The True Love Handbook: How To End Suffering, Become Your Own Best Friend, and Begin Living Your Dreams.*

“The term karma has become a household word but few have a clear understanding as to what it really means. Most who believe in it have an idea that it has something to do with punishment for past live transgressions. However, that’s not the case at all. When we chose to believe we were separate from the unconditionally loving divine, our love became conditional, causing us to become out of balance. We created illusory emotional aspects that allowed us to justify using and abusing others by at times carrying out horrendous actions.

“Whether you can accept this or not, we all have had past life expressions of our soul that played in the dark or negative energies, in some cases, heavily. Such abuse occurred because of such emotions as hate, envy, and jealousy, and the abusive actions resulted in more emotions—of guilt and shame, and again, all these emotions remain energetically attached to their creator, even after death. Our soul wants us to remember who we are so we can at long last integrate these past life aspects that were created in ignorance, and this is the reason we carry what has been referred to as karma with us into the next life. This means it is not about punishment, it’s actually about love.

“You might be thinking, “What does love have to do with being stuck with lots of emotional aspects that I have to somehow integrate because some past life expressions of my soul were either unable or unwilling to do it?” and my answer would be that it has everything to do with it. Something to remember is that you are not your mind, which means you are not your emotions, since all emotions are manufactured by the mind. It’s irrelevant whether these aspects were created in this life or in a past life because it was a mind that created them, and no one is their mind.

“Further, every emotion is connected to a story. They wouldn’t exist without that story. When you’re triggered and choose to push the emotions away because you can’t deal with them, in essence you tell yourself a story about those emotions, justifying why you created them and why you chose to push them away. The emotional aspects literally become this story. It’s all an illusion—a story made up in your mind, perhaps unconsciously but made up nevertheless in the mind. None of the aspects or their story is who you are.

“Your mind though, when you get triggered with an emotion, wants to run the emotion you’re feeling through its memory banks so it can recall that story. Once you allow this to happen, the mind immediately begins to manufacture new emotions that have nothing to do with the initial feeling. The new emotions are now describing what your mind thinks about your initial emotion, only now you’re having an entirely different experience. You are experiencing a new made up story, and you’re also creating new aspects.

“So what does all this have to do with love? Well, the real you is love and compassion. Karma provides an opportunity to expand your ability to love. By becoming aware of and developing a relationship with the compassion you have within, when emotions get triggered you can literally stop the buck so to speak by allowing them to be felt without identifying with their story. When you can allow yourself to feel an emotion as just an emotion without any story attached to it, the emotion can integrate. It passes right on through you and gets resolved in the process. But when a story gets attached to it, it is like a drug that gets into your body and ravages the emotions.

“You always have a choice to expand your heart by simply feeling an emotion, letting go of any meaning it may have once had for you. This releases all karma associated with it. You can also choose to change the story, replacing it with one that appreciates the emotion and is happy to have the opportunity to allow it to integrate.

“Aspects that were created in a past life can be resolved without knowing anything about the past life details or story. When you know you are not your aspects and are willing to accept that there’s a reason you’re getting triggered with unwanted emotions, you can choose to have compassion for them and invite them home. Your soul may give you some understanding as to how or why you created your aspects but if this doesn’t happen it means you don’t need to know. Remembering who you are and bringing home your aspects is the only thing your soul is inviting you to do in this life.

“We are experiencing a lot of chaotic emotions at this time because all the emotional aspects that were created by past life expressions of your soul, as well as the ones you created yourself in this life, are now returning in order to be resolved. If this feels like a huge weight to have to carry, bring your compassion to that feeling because that’s just another aspect.

“Also, those other lifetime expressions got lost deep in the human experience but this lifetime is different. You will not get lost. It’s as if you came into this lifetime with a tether back to your soul, like having a connection back to your essence. None of the past expressions had this. Yes, it had to be buried for awhile, which is what has happened in your life up until now, but it has always been there. It’s like you jumped into the ocean where all these other parts of your soul have been lost and floundering, but you tied a rope around yourself so you could come back to the ship.

“In a way, the ship actually comes to you. In fact, you become the ship. You become the gathering place or the connecting place for every aspect of your soul that was ever created and that has ever been emotionally lost. In fact, you become the connecting point even for your soul. In other words, you are the connecting point in which the soul is able to re-connect with all those other expressions that got lost.

“This is the reason why your soul, with your consensus, is at work in your life to bring to you, when you are ready, opportunities to bring these emotional aspects home. Practically speaking, this means that many of your emotional challenges are unresolved emotions from all lifetimes past. It is also why your job is to embrace these emotions with compassion rather than push them away like all those past life expressions did. Of course, this is not easy, but again, you have a connection with your soul that gives you access to the necessary wisdom and compassion that will give you the strength and courage to feel into these emotions without needing to push them away ever again.

“Honoring and accepting these emotional aspects allows them to integrate within you, becoming resolved, which means they come into balance, and this connects you to your soul…

“Eventually your consuming sense will become that of a reunion with the greatest love you’ve ever known. This is why you are here. It is the ultimate purpose of every experience you’ve ever had, of every question you’ve ever asked, of every emotion you’ve ever felt. Its ultimate purpose was to bring you into complete wholeness. This has never happened before in human history but this is what our lives are about at this time…”

 *The True Love Handbook is available autographed directly from the author or on in the US and UK,, and in AU. For details see

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The death on September 2nd of the Reverend Sun Myung Moon, founder of The Unification Church, has caused me to reflect on the huge impact he had on my life due to my 23-year involvement in his religious organization from 1975-1998.

It’s often the case that in life we take the long way around in order to get to where we already are right now. In my case, I spent 23 years doing everything Moon asked me to do, which was to work hard by sacrificing myself for the sake of others (or in essence being willing to ignore subtle nudges from my soul that were asking me to spend some time getting to know myself) because I believed he was my ticket to winning humanity’s most sought after prize—being loved and accepted by God—or being worthy.

I believed Moon was literally my salvation for earning this. During those years I had no idea all that hard work and sacrifice was not necessary because the God I was looking for did not exist outside me but rather is within me, in fact on the deepest level is who I really am. This means I had no idea that everything I wanted, the reason I was willing to follow him in the first place, was already within me all along.


Humanity has basically been doing the same thing. It’s a bit like horse racing. The jockey spends years training a horse and eventually rides it as fast as possible around a large track because he believes if he can get to the finish line before all the others in the race he’ll win the first place prize, which somewhere inside he knows will earn him acceptance, love and approval. Just like the jockey goes through years of training with such agenda, we all believe we need to work hard in order to gain such acceptance, love and approval—and it is ultimately an outside God that we are seeking this from. We all want to feel worthy.

In horse racing, the race begins and finishes at the same place so that the jockey takes a long way around to get to where he was in the first place. Humanity has been doing the same thing. We started out as divine beings but while having a human experience we forgot this. We allowed ourselves to get completely caught up into the mind, which caused us to become completely out of touch with our heart or divine soul, but because our soul is who we really are, such alienation caused us great suffering because we no longer felt accepted, loved or approved of—no longer worthy.

This need to be worthy caused us to begin a long search with the goal of somehow finding a way to get back to what amounted to ourselves—a connection with our divine soul, which again on the deepest level is who we really are. All along we could have simply been enjoying life while participating in it just being, without a need for any agendas or goals sought after in an attempt to feel worthy, but without having a connection with our divine soul that wasn’t possible.

Instead, since we had no idea we were looking for ourselves due to our ignorance of our divine nature, we became driven to find that connection outside ourselves. We got caught up into all sorts of distractions—doing all sorts of things as opposed to enjoying the simplicity of being. Then, like horse racing, we accepted the belief that we had to work hard in order to achieve whatever the intent of what our doing was.

There has always been a motivation to earn a prize, whether that meant to win by being better than everyone else, or to at least be assured that we are worthy of the love, acceptance and approval that comes with winning. Usually we have wanted both because we’re taught that without winning we’re not worthy.

In other words, because we were out of touch with ourselves, we began placing our focus on everything outside ourselves in search of what we were already capable of—honoring and accepting ourselves unconditionally without any need to prove we are worthy. While we have been indeed seeking the love, acceptance and approval of others, we have especially been seeking this from a God we have also believed to be outside us. Ultimately then, doing replaced being because we believed in the need to earn our way into heaven. We did not realize that heaven could be found within without any need to be earned. It’s always been there, just a breath away.


Consequently, even though our outside search has earned us a degree of acceptance, love and approval, it has always come through feeding energetically off of others and therefore it has never been permanent. Since it doesn’t come from within, it is never enough so we have to continue feeding on outside sources. We create a new agenda with another goal, and repeat the cycle all over again.

Worse, because we are literally feeding off of others, often without even realizing it, this causes guilt because deep inside we know we don’t need to feed at all. The guilt comes because we are guilty—of stealing energy from others. We may be unconscious of what we’re doing but this continuous search on the outside for acceptance, love and approval through feeding on others is the reason for the perpetuation of suffering on our planet.

Historically, there have been many individuals who have worked very hard to bring change but regardless of all their efforts, it has never been enough to bring about a lasting peace on our planet where all have their basic needs met and even more importantly, no one expects anyone else to be responsible for their life. This is because the focus of their work has always been an attempt to change the externals while being clueless that the real problem was their belief in the existence of victims, which is why they began stealing energy in the first place.  They believed they were lacking something and that someone else must have what they don’t have.

Even those who attempt to make change are involved in this energy stealing game because they believe those they seek to help are victims. They feel they’ve been blessed with abundance but believe that for some reason some are a victim of life’s circumstances and this belief causes them to feel guilty for having more, which motivates them to do whatever they can to ease the burdens of those less fortunate.

They think they’re doing noble work and in a way they are—nothing wrong with lending a helping hand, it’s just that when people receive handouts, somewhere inside they also feel guilty because on a soul level they know they’re not being true to themselves. By not taking responsibility for their own life through connecting to their source of abundance on the inside, they are maintaining a false belief in being a victim. The truth is, we all have everything we need available to us within because we are all divine.

Had any of us realized what we were looking for was within, the need to feed energetically could have stopped at our own front door. So, while a certain amount of change has always occurred due to those who have sought social change, the need to feed on the outside world for acceptance, love and approval has always remained within the masses because of the belief in being a victim to life’s circumstances.


Few of us ever realize that no one else is responsible for our own well-being, nor are we responsible for the well-being of others, so we go right on searching outside ourselves for a solution to how to either change ourselves or bring about change in the outer world. The only solution is to find what we are looking for within, and that’s precisely what is beginning to happen in these times we are living in right now.

We began unaware of our divinity but after taking the long way around many of us are now becoming aware of who we really are and this awareness alone has begun a process of the divine melding with the human. Our soul wants to experience life with us all the time. This is only possible when we are consciously aware of who we are in every moment.

With a deeper level understanding of our true nature it now becomes clear that there has never been a need to do anything with an agenda to gain acceptance, love or approval because all along there was never anyone or anything outside us, including a God, that was capable of giving it to us anyway. We are the divine.


It was our mind that convinced us there was a God outside us that needed us to be a certain way if we wanted to be accepted and loved but we are not our mind. There was never any need to run the race. With this new awareness we are now realizing the only reason to choose to act at all is simply to have an experience. There are no victims out there in need of saving. If anything, humanity now wants to be shown how to find the source of energy from within. The guilt caused from continuously feeding off of others is becoming too much to bear even if few know what’s really happening.

When you make a conscious choice to disconnect from any need to seek outside acceptance, love and approval you can begin enjoying life while simply being. This ends the guilt and the constant need to feel worthy. Everything you do is only to have an experience. It doesn’t define you nor do you need it to fulfill you because you’re already fulfilled within. Your soul is your source of energy and there’s an unlimited amount available all the time. This is true for all humans but no one has told us this. This tidbit of information has been withheld from us for far too long.

The mind cannot understand this given the fact that it has been trained by us to always be doing something in search of acceptance, love and approval—and to feel worthy, but that doesn’t matter because again, you are not your mind. You are the soul. The time has come for us to re-consider the way we have been historically approaching life. Everyone wants to find a solution to poverty or end war yet at the same time everyone continuously feeds energetically off of each other. It amounts to shooting ourselves in the foot. But if we connect to the soul we’ll be able to find solutions to all perceived problems.


What I find most interesting is that I’ll soon be returning home from a nearly seven week road trip from Florida to Colorado and back and at various points along the way I found myself speaking about different experiences I’d had while I was caught up into Moon’s dogma, so much so that at one point a friend pointed this out to me. I wondered about this because I hadn’t spent much time dwelling on such memories in recent times.

You see, after 23 years of hard work and sacrifice at the expense of following my heart, in 1998 I made a clear statement that I no longer chose to be part of his movement. That’s when I began a long process of learning how to accept, love and approve of myself. What helped me tremendously with this process was the writing of my memoir, A Grand and Glorious Adventure: The Saboteur Years, which took me six years to finally publish (in 2007). By then Moon’s influence on me felt like something that had occurred in the distant past so I wasn’t speaking much about those experiences. This is because I was beginning to find within myself everything that Moon had once been a source for. I no longer had a need to feed off of him energetically.

That’s why I was surprised when during my road trip I found myself sharing again about those years. Even more interesting was that one week ago I was a guest on the BookGoodies podcast with host Deborah Carney and Karen Garcia where I also shared about some of those experiences. After that interview I even dreamed about Moon a few times.

As it turns out, my road trip was a recent experience of my own in taking the long way around to get to where I’ve always been. When I heard the news that Moon had died it occurred to me that re-visiting that period of my life on this trip allowed me to receive clarity on just how far I’ve come in letting go of the need to look outside myself for acceptance, love and approval.

I took this road trip because I felt a need to get my energy flowing. I love my mind because it provides a certain amount of understanding, but because I’m not my mind understanding alone is not enough, not for any of us. After awhile we all want to experience life rather than thinking and talking about it. So I chose to literally pack all my worldly belongings in my car and set forth into unknown adventures. This choice allowed me to connect to my soul, the divine within, on a much deeper level than ever before.

In the process I learned much more about myself, about what I do and don’t particularly want and again, I realized just how far I’ve come in this process of learning how to accept and love myself. My love and compassion has expanded. This in turn has deepened my trust in my soul so that I’m now able to choose to live a free lifestyle that I could only give lip service to before taking this trip.

My old identity that so desperately craved love, acceptance and approval is still there but is slowly being released organically without my having made any goal or agenda to change it. Once I made the choice to bond with my soul the process of my soul melding with me began immediately. After that it’s simply been a matter of taking time to breathe and be with me. 


As stated, at one time Moon was my savior, which means he was my God. He proclaimed that before his death he would be received by the world as the Second Coming of Christ. He and his wife considered themselves to be the first true parents humanity has ever had, which is why the rest of us needed them. I believed because (I thought) he was God and I wasn’t, if I did what he asked the kingdom of heaven was going to be built on this earth, a place he said would be of peace, harmony and love centered on the true love of his ideal family. However, he is now dead and yet that never happened.

Like so many attempts by various religious organizations to convince their followers they need to sacrifice for others, his direction to work hard to build a better planet did not work. Rather than to allow myself to just be, to connect to a peace that passes understanding that is always available within if we would only stop our doing and choose it, I always thought I had to be doing something to serve others in order to be worthy.

With a volunteer spirit, I drove myself ruthlessly, doing all sorts of things for others but rarely was I willing to give myself what I was so intent on giving to them. Such love of Self is discouraged by many religions. Rather, they tell us that acceptance, love and approval from God can only come by proving we are worthy and our search to earn this worthiness permeates every facet of our lives.


Whether willing to admit it or not, the underlying motivation for all our doing is ultimately to earn the acceptance, love and approval of God. No one wants to be rejected when it comes time to leave the planet and yet all we are doing is running from ourselves because there is no God out there. Again, you are it

The reason we are not aware of this is because for the most part, religions have always had a need to control the masses in order to achieve whatever their stated agenda was, but such agenda was really just a smokescreen for maintaining power and control, and this is why they have us convinced in the need to serve an outside God—and in needing to feel worthy. That’s not to take away from the sincerity of many devotees of a religion, but the power politics is always there behind the scenes.

Nor am I saying that Moon or any other religious figures have not had some positive effect on the planet. I’m saying their emphasis on improving the outer world at the expense of self is an approach that has run its course because it distracts us from the real source of acceptance, love and approval. In the long run it doesn’t work to achieve its goal to bring peace because outer peace is not possible without inner peace. It’s now time to let go of trying to fix so-called problems while continuing to feed energetically on others. It’s time to take a journey within and find the true source of energy there.


We’ve taken the long way around, filled with tons of distractions, which have all been about doing something, anything, to feel better about ourselves in order to feel accepted, loved and approved by an outside God—to feel worthy, and now we are coming full circle back to where we started in the first place. We have always been divine beings but we’ve just been having a human experience. That experience could have always been a joyful one had we realized this. There was never anything we had to do to earn it. We’ve always been worthy. There’s nothing anyone outside us ever gave us that we didn’t always have within us all along.

Now that some of us are remembering our divine nature, we are also realizing there is no need to do anything to achieve lasting peace on our planet other than to be willing to disconnect from energy feeding through placing our focus on experiencing our divinity, which can occur simply through breathing. The potential now exists for the planet to organically shift its focus away from the need for outside love, acceptance and approval. In fact, the consciousness is now aching for this.

Thanks to my recent road trip, I now love and appreciate myself more than ever. I am not the same person who needed Moon for salvation and that feels good. I am that I am—and you are also. Thus, the best thing you could ever possibly do for this world is to take time to go within and return to yourself, making a connection with your divine soul. This will end the need to feed, the guilt that comes from doing that, and the belief in being a victim. Are you ready to make such a shift in your life?

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Exactly one month ago on July 16th I chose to leave Gainesville, FL and embark on a new adventure into the unknown. All I knew was that I had signed up to attend the 3-day Dreamwalker Life seminar put on by The Crimson Circle, which was to begin one week later in Estes Park, CO, and that afterwards I intended to stay in CO until their monthly gathering on August 4th held in Coal Creek Canyon*. After that I had no plans. I simply trusted that all the details would work themselves out. Thus began the most remarkable set of experiences that have been a validation for me of the amazing creator that I AM.

With my car filled with my earthly possessions, I took the southern route through Mississippi, Louisiana, Texas, and New Mexico and almost immediately realized that my soul intended this journey to be an opportunity for me to let go and allow life to unfold without any need to control or define it. Nearly every day I found myself on a route that was not on my planned itinerary.

For example, my soul took me to a wonderful campground with a lake in MS that I had no idea even existed and I was able to camp out under the stars. I also had an opportunity to integrate some very panicky emotional aspects as I found myself in the middle of a ghetto in Fort Worth, TX for about an hour. I realized that such panic reflects a fear of death, which is a common fear we all share due to having made the choice to buy into the illusion that we are separate from the Source of all things.

Another experience I had was being able to have dinner with a friend in Taos, NM that turned into chatting together until 4 am the following morning. This was quite a surprise because I had no plan to travel that far west before beginning my ascent into the Colorado Rockies but it showed up as a potential a few days before and I decided to choose it. This is an example of how life can unfold in the now moment if we allow it. Energy is completely neutral and waits for the body of consciousness that we are to command it to serve us. As I was leaving FL I chose to have an adventure filled with joy and surprises and the energies supported that.

The Dreamwalker Life seminar was transformational for me. Not only was I able to meet several Facebook friends in person there, the quality of the energy of those attending combined with the content of the lectures transported me to a place of Quantum Allowing, which is where you go beyond trusting yourself and enter a consciousness of simply knowing that all is well and that everything is going to work out in a grand way.

As the seminar began I had no idea where I would be staying for the 10 days in between the seminar and the Crimson Circle monthly gathering (called a Shoud*) but on the second day I learned that a woman who lived in Coal Creek Canyon needed someone to dog sit while staying in her home for the exact same period of time and so I spent those days in the quiet of the mountains being loved by a dog that was a joy to be with. This is further evidence of the magnificence of life when you have a willingness to allow life to shower you with abundance and blessings. Again, you put out your intention and then allow your soul to go to work, trusting that regardless of how it all unfolds, that it will be grand.

The monthly Shoud went way beyond my expectations and the barbeque and dance that followed it blew me away. The energy of joy and acceptance was abundant and I met many new friends, enjoying myself immensely. There I also met up with Marty Cywinski who offered to let me stay at his home near Longmont, CO for awhile following the gathering.

Staying with Marty has turned out to be a profound blessing. During the day his home has provided a continuation of the quiet I had experienced in Coal Creek, and sharing with and getting to know him and his lovely wife Lara has been a wonderful treat because they are an awesome example of how two authentic people can be individually sovereign while also choosing to be a couple. Further, their two dogs, Peaches and Gwupper, have simply been a delight to be around and to go on walks with.

Marty has a band, Past Due (see their Facebook page, that he founded several years ago and a few nights ago he invited me to jamm with them at one of their practices. This experience turned out to be four hours of out-of-the-mind bliss. Each band member welcomed me with honor and respect and when the music started I had an encounter with my soul that allowed me to be a channel for music to flow through my guitar picking fingers. Since Marty’s band were already playing on a professional level, their energies melded together to create some awesome sounds and my contribution simply added more fun and enjoyment to the mix.

This experience with Marty’s band couldn’t have come at a more perfect time because before leaving FL I had already recorded 10 of 13 tracks for my new cd, Embrace Life, and during the first week I was staying with him I had recorded two more. Thus, riding on the high of that jamm, yesterday I laid down the final track. I now have 13 digitally mastered tracks that I will be making available for purchase soon (see for details).

I will be leaving Marty’s in a few days and as of yet have no idea where I’ll be headed but judging from my experience on the road so far, I know it will be a grand adventure.

At this point in my life I am choosing abundance, joy, knowingness and fulfillment, and am allowing the energies to go to work to bring me these in the form of adventurous experiences. Yes, it can be challenging at times when the old aspects pop up with all their fear, doubt and worry, but when they do I simply take a deep breath and invite them home, letting them know in no uncertain terms that I am that I am and that I choose for everything to work out with grace and ease, and then I turn my focus to whatever feels good in the now moment. In the New Energy that is now available to anyone willing to choose it, this is called Quantum Allowing.

*For more information about the Crimson Circle, their seminars and Shoud, see

Paul offers private session in which he provides a safe space that allows you to find your own power. He can show you how to be present in your life so that you can be home within, thus allowing life to flow through you abundantly and with grace and ease. For more information, see

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First, it’s been awhile since I’ve posted here and I wanted to let you know that recently I was a guest on an hour online radio show, “The Farkas Files” with host David Franklin Farkas. I have added a link at the end of this post that you can click on to listen to the archive of it.

We are living in intense, challenging times. The intensity is directly related to the unprecedented amount of energy that is available to all of us at this time. It is here in response to us because we have asked for it. We’ve been asking for a long time for answers to how to improve this planet and especially how to at long last create peace, particularly within ourselves. These intense energies have arrived in response to this asking.
The question is what are you going to do with these energies? We are divine beings having a human experience. This means we are the ones who will determine how we want these energies to serve us. My question to you is are you choosing life? Are you choosing to live as opposed to just surviving? There is a big difference.
When you truly choose to live, this means you are committed to staying present with whatever experiences happen to show up in your life. The energy of 2012 is all about the divine melding with the human and in order for this to happen, everything that exists in our lives that has been keeping the divine at an arms length has to be released.
For this reason, the divine part of you, your soul, is always orchestrating circumstances and situations that are perfectly designed for you because it knows what kind of emotional aspects you created earlier in your life or in previous lifetimes. Because you created these aspects, you alone are responsible for resolving them. The energy today is simply working for you, giving you an opportunity to do just that, if you choose.
Choosing life means to be willing to not only accept these experiences but to actually revel in them. This is only possible when you know who you really are. The clearer you become to not just intellectually understanding but literally knowing you are divine, the more capable you’re able to handle all experience with grace and honor—and eventually with joy, regardless of the type of experience.
However, the fact is that we are groomed by mass consciousness to chase after goals, keeping our minds dwelling on either future potentials or past experiences and meanwhile, we are not living in the now moment. What this means is we are not present or at home with what is currently happening within us right now. This actually means we are not only not choosing to live but rather, we are choosing to die, albeit very slowly. Choosing to avoid feeling (which means experience) is saying to life that we don’t really want to fully participate in it because feeling (or experience) is what life is all about.
When we avoid what we are experiencing we are literally pushing away life, choosing instead to operate out of our minds, which then says to life that it doesn’t like what’s happening. Nothing is ever good enough for the mind. It always wants more, which is why it has seduced mass consciousness into believing we need to chase after goals. This is the minds way of staying in control, which also keeps us from enjoying this now moment regardless of what it looks like.
Having a large bank account and a lot of things doesn’t necessarily mean you are choosing life. Of course, there’s nothing wrong with having things. It’s just that usually these things are created from a lot of hard work, chasing after goals to achieve them. This is living life mentally but in the long run nothing external will ever satisfy the soul. The soul loves you so much that it wants to experience you right here, right now regardless of your external situation. Just as anyone in love with someone knows, you never want to be apart from your lover. This is precisely the way your soul feels about you. It doesn’t really care about anything else. It just wants to share life with you.
What this means is that when the soul comes to visit, it wants you to be home to greet it so that together you can enjoy the amazing adventure this planet offers. However, it’s not possible to be home when we are off somewhere in our minds concerned about the future or worrying about the past. Choosing life means to be present within your body in every now moment.
I completely understand how challenging it can be to make the choice to step out of the mind and allow yourself to feel and experience life. And, there was a time when I was completely alienated from myself so I have great compassion for anyone who is willing to make the choice to be present and therefore at home with life.
For this reason, I offer private sessions that are designed to show you how to become grounded in your body so you can be at home with your soul and thus, stand in your own divine presence during all experience without being knocked out so easily, especially by the more challenging experiences we are all having at this time.
Nearly all of us have an enormous amount of belief systems combined with emotional aspects that block us from allowing such a connection with our soul on a regular basis. If you’re not clear about what it is that continues to block you and keep you stuck, a session with me could be very beneficial because I can help you pinpoint some of your blocks and will suggest what you can do to release them.
Or, if you’d simply like some support in dealing with blocks you’re already aware of, a session with me can be very empowering because I focus entirely on helping you take responsibility for your own creations (including how to own your creations rather than play the game of being a victim).
For me, having private sessions with someone else who was qualified made all the difference in the world because they brought a fresh perspective to the table. They also provided a safe space that allowed me to open up my heart so I could receive such new insights.
When you have a private session with me it works the same way. I provide a safe energy space that allows you to be open to receive based on your intention for the session. This allows the energies to come in and serve you in a beneficial way. Insights can come through me from a different perspective than perhaps you’d been able to see before and this can be quite refreshing. Understanding can change everything.
Why not make a commitment to yourself to find or deepen your connection with your soul? You deserve only the greatest amount of joy and since the soul’s natural state of being is joy, the more you know how to allow yourself to meld with your soul gracefully and with ease, the more joy will become a consistent part of your life.
In a private session with me you are free to ask any questions you want. No topic is off limits. You will have an opportunity to discuss any challenges that may be keeping you from feeling more love for yourself and life, and at the end you will feel energized and inspired. And, everything you share is always completely confidential.
Consider a private session as an investment in yourself. Can you trust yourself that if you choose to invest in yourself that you’ll receive a return on your investment?

For the week of August 9-15, 2012 I am taking 30% off of the normal price on a FALLING IN LOVE WITH LIFE Private Session.
To take advantage of this special offer, click here:

Once I’ve received your payment I will send you an email with some options you’ll be able to choose from for scheduling the session. Just choose which time is best for you and I will respond with a confirmation email. If none of the times work for you, let me know a few options that do work and I will do my best to work with your schedule. Also, I prefer to do a session using Skype, but if you live in the U.S., I can also do one on the phone, so be sure to include either your Skype id or phone number when you respond to my scheduling email.

Note: These sessions are recorded and sent to you by email within 48 hours of a session.

Thank you for making an investment in yourself.

*To listen to my interview on “The Farkas Files” with host David Franklin Farkas click here:
Much Love and Blessings,

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May and June were intense months for me. I had emotional aspects popping up that I thought I had resolved already, intense ones. The beauty of their return was that I got a chance to see just how far I’ve come in deepening my identification with who I really am. My observation was that though the issue of these aspects was at times intense, I always knew deep inside that I am not these aspects. I am a divine being having the experience of feeling emotions. 

Because of this knowing, they didn’t stand a chance of convincing me to get caught up in their issue for very long, which was something that was commonplace for me at one time. Having taken time to connect to the divine within over the last several years has made a huge difference in my ability to resolve emotional aspects without getting caught up in their issues. 

When you get right down to the nitty-gritty, the only thing in life that really matters is being able to identify with the divine being that you are. Why is this important? Because not knowing this makes it easy to identify with whatever issue is going on within you at any given time. Something happens, somebody says or does something that triggers an emotional aspect, and you react instantaneously as if you were a victim of the situation, but you’re not. 

Everything that occurs in your personal world that triggers you in any way is brought forth by the divine within you, which is who you really are, in order to give you an opportunity to bring the triggered emotional aspect into resolution. This is particularly true in this lifetime because the divine has designated this lifetime to be the one to bring all aspects that were created in all previous lives into resolution. 

This is why there is an Awakening occurring right now on the planet. The divine being that you really are wants to meld with the human personality that you’ve been identifying with, believing that’s who you are, that you’re separate from the divine—but separation is only an illusion. Your human personality is actually just an aspect of the greater divine being that dwells within your heart. This melding of the divine with your personality is something that has never happened before on the large global level that it is today. 

However, without any knowledge of this, and especially without the knowledge that you are divine, your melding experience is going to be filled with a lot of drama, and this is going to cause increased suffering. With every emotional aspect that comes into resolution the potential for the continuation of drama in your life decreases significantly, but if you’re not bringing them into resolution, even though the melding will continue, you will be caught up into whatever emotions that are being triggered rather than feeling safe, having a knowing that everything is going to be okay.  

These emotional aspects are actually just energy that became stuck as a particular emotion at a time when we experienced such emotion and pushed it away as opposed to having taken responsibility for being its creator. Had we taken responsibility, this would have allowed us to feel the emotion without defining it as “bad” or judging it as “wrong” and that would have kept the emotion from getting stuck and thus becoming an aspect. 

Emotions cannot become stuck when we do not define them by judging them as good or bad. They are simply felt and pass on through us without being owned. However, allowing emotions to flow without being owned requires taking responsibility for being the creator of these emotions. Failing to do so causes you to play the game of being a victim. You may not think you’re a victim but if you blame emotions you’re experiencing on what someone else said or did so that you hold them responsible for the way you feel, you are indeed choosing to play the game of being a victim. 

The thing is, this game does not serve you at all in the long run because it never allows your emotional aspects to come into resolution and yet, that is all they are truly seeking. If you have any emotional issues at all going on within it’s because once upon a time, this lifetime or another, you experienced these emotions and did not allow them to be felt and pass through you. Instead they became stuck in the energetic form of an emotion, and all energy seeks resolution just as water seeks its own level. 

Knowing who you really are—that you are a divine being having a human experience, changes the entire dynamics of your life because with such awareness you can make the choice to accept whatever is happening in your world, and that makes all the difference in terms of allowing your emotional aspects to come into resolution as opposed to identifying with them, which only gives them more energy, causing them to increase in their intensity, which again increases suffering. 

When you know you are divine, that the divine lives in your heart, which means you have in your heart all the compassion and love you need to bring all your aspects into resolution, then you are able to begin cultivating a relationship with this compassion and love. Doing so creates a safe space inside yourself where you can always go to when emotional aspects are triggered. It is in this safe space that they can be embraced and honored, and that is all they have ever wanted because again, energy seeks resolution. This allows them to naturally come into resolution and it also allows you to feel safe and to have a knowing that everything is going to be okay. 

The best way to create this safe space within is through taking time each day to do some breathing, even if for just 15 minutes, preferably twice a day. As you breathe you simply observe what’s going on inside, your thoughts and how you’re feeling. As much as possible, continually bring your focus into your body so that any thinking going on becomes minimal. See your breath traveling into your lungs, flowing down into your body, and then flowing back out again. Such breathing allows you to relax and feel peaceful and over time you will discover that in this space is where compassion can be found for your aspects.  

Because this is the designated lifetime in which the divine is asking us to bring all our emotional aspects into resolution, they are all coming up, and this is why one of the symptoms of the Awakening that is taking place is an increase in the intensity of our emotions. You are the only one who can resolve them because you are their creator.

Knowing you are divine is going to be your greatest asset during these intense and changing times we are all going through. Taking time to breathe regularly while identifying with the compassionate loving being that you are will allow you to not get caught up into the emotional issues. When they’re triggered you’re able to take a deep breath and come back to your safe space. Even when you forget and instead identify with the aspect’s issue, you’ll find that your identification won’t last very long before you remember who you really are and are able to return to the conscious breath and thus come back to the real you. 

Over time, the time period of such identification with your aspects decreases. Eventually when aspects are triggered you’ll be able to fully experience them while at the same time, remain present within yourself. For the most part, this was my experience during the past few months. 

This is the process of the divine melding with the human and it is why knowing you are divine is so important. Such knowing and awareness is your ticket to eventually becoming free of all identification with emotions and when that occurs, you are living your divinity. The divine within you is inviting you to have such experience but the choice is up to you because the divine does not force itself on the human. What is your choice? 


In my recently released book, The True Love handbook: How To End Suffering, Become Your Own Best Friend, and Begin Living Your Dreams, I have written in depth about the Awakening and its symptoms as well as about emotional aspects, offering tools for resolving them based on my own experience. It’s available on my website.

Also, I am now doing private sessions to offer support as you go through the Awakening process. Receiving someone else’s perspective can be extremely beneficial. I provide a safe space that allows you to give yourself permission to open up your heart. To kick off the second half of the year, I am taking 30% off all private sessions for the first half of July (July 1-15).

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In this blog post I’m going to share with you how manifesting your dreams begins on the inside, within the context of what’s been holding us back from creating the world we all would truly love to see, which has everything to do with certain illusions we’ve been historically harboring that have been perpetuated primarily by religion. 

Note: If you haven’t read these two articles yet: Five Things That Will Help You Stay Emotionally Balanced in 2012 and True Love Is Not An Emotion, It Is A State Of Being, it would be a good idea to do so before reading this because they give some background for understanding more fully some of the things I will be sharing here.

Also, this blog post is a transcript of a video I created recently. If you’d prefer to watch the video, click here: Video

So, we all have dreams but most of us have no idea how to manifest them. Actually, we began dreaming when we were kids. Do you remember imagining yourself doing certain things and the excitement you felt just thinking about those things? Had you been able to continue dreaming with that kind of excitement, those dreams would have found their way into your life because that is how things are created.

You see, you are a creator and when you command energy to serve you by imagining what you want, while at the same time feeling lots of passion about what you’re imagining, this causes energy to begin taking shape according to your choice so that what was once just a potential can now begin to manifest as a reality. This sounds easy, and it actually would be if it were not for the fact that you tend to have a lot of emotional aspects within you that are more dominate than your natural state of joy, and these aspects tend to bog down the ability of energy to go to work for you in the way you would prefer it to. Today in the New Energy, manifesting your dreams requires aspect integration first because our dreams flow in on the waves of joy.

The question then becomes, what happened? If when we were kids we had dreams, and felt the joy of having them come true when we imagined them, what happened to those dreams and where did our joy go? The answer to these questions can be found in the illusions we we’re taught when we we’re kids about being separate from the creator, being flawed at birth (what religion has calls being sinful) and about needing to be saved.

These are what I call the core illusions that have caused the perpetuation of war and suffering, and have also caused us to return back to this planet again and again—because the reason we’re here is to remember who we are, and as long as we continue to hang onto these illusions, passing them on to our children, we are indirectly contributing to the very thing that in our heart of hearts we would love to eliminate from our lives as well as this earth, namely, war and suffering—which occurs both inside ourselves and in the outer world. But from the very beginning of history we became addicted to these illusions, or I should say, to the victim mentality and suffering they caused, and we’ve been clinging onto them ever since. To truly fulfill your dreams, it’s time to let these illusions go, if you choose.

You may be wondering why, if we are a creator, we would have allowed ourselves to carry on like this for so long. That’s an excellent question and I may not be able to answer it in this short blog post in a way that will completely satisfy you, but I will at least offer some new insight you’ve probably never heard before that may help you to at least make the necessary choices to get yourself out of this predicament. 

It’s not as if we haven’t made any effort at all to wake ourselves up throughout history, because we have. It’s just that these illusions are extremely seductive so that despite certain attempts, they’ve remained ensconced within the very fabric of our being. I’ll give you an example of what I’m talking about.

2000 years ago Jesus came to teach us who we are, that we are in fact divine beings, and he came to show us what we are all capable of doing. He knew he was divine and had no qualms about speaking his truth—even, as we know, at the risk of his life. But his words for the most part fell on deaf ears because of our addiction to suffering and to being victims back then.

Still, he was able to plant a seed, and thanks to the Apostle Paul, that seed was eventually spread throughout the world. However, what Paul taught was not what Jesus was about at all, and ever since, Western Civilization has been built primarily on his distorted reasoning. His writings have been used again and again as examples of what the standard should be for just about everything.

But I want to share something about Paul that no one has ever known until now that is going to help you tremendously in understanding your current predicament and how you got into it. This in turn is going to inspire you to do whatever is necessary to get yourself out of this predicament—once and for all.

When Paul was knocked off his horse on the way to Damascus, as we all know, he had an encounter with Jesus. What Paul never told anyone however, was that what Jesus showed him that day was that he too was divine, but he was carrying way too much pain and anger inside to accept this. Growing up, he felt confined by the Judaic Law, which kept him from expressing himself in ways that were forbidden, and he despised this. In essence then, he despised God, so much so that as he got older, he was willing to persecute and even murder Christians because he was carrying all that emotional stuff inside him.

The truth is, since the very beginning of when we first came up with the concept of there even being a God, most of humanity has also despised God because again, we believed the creator existed outside us, and because we didn’t understand this creator, we feared it.

This is why the God of the Old Testament is portrayed as an angry, jealous God who will not tolerate anyone who breaks His laws. If you know the story of when Moses first came down from the mountain and introduced the 10 Commandments to his people, you might remember that their response was so negative he threw down the tablets in a rage. I mention this to point out that the majority has always despised authority and has maintained a victim mindset, and since God has been seen as the ultimate authority, we’ve all felt we are victims to this God, and deep down we have all been complaining about this. Even if you don’t think you complain, it’s most likely happening subconsciously without you even being aware of it.

But going back to Paul, his reaction to hearing he was divine was not that unusual considering how many unresolved emotional aspects he was harboring. In fact, his reaction was actually the perfect response, given the consciousness at that time. No one was ready or willing yet to actually embody divine love. So what happened instead is that the divine in Paul used him to keep the Christ seed alive through spreading word about Jesus, even if that word was highly distorted—which it was.

That’s because after his experience, Paul thought long and hard about what had happened that day on the road to Damascus. Given the fact that he knew the Judaic Law well, and that his encounter with Jesus had opened up some deep emotional wounds, which was causing him to feel tons of guilt and shame for having persecuted and even murdered Jesus’ followers, he eventually concluded that Jesus must be the savior that had long been promised in his own scripture.

However, this was a complete illusion. In effect, this conclusion was Paul’s way of attempting to pass the responsibility of resolving his own emotional aspects off to Jesus, and that’s not at all what Jesus taught. You see, because Paul felt so emotionally wounded, had it not been for him using his mind to hide from his pain by making Jesus his savior, he would not have been able to live with himself at all.

Jesus did not come to die for our sins but rather, to show humanity what unconditional divine love is. He embodied such love by saying yes to life, no matter what the adventure of life brought him—including death. That’s true love. True love is not sacrificing yourself for another—that was Paul’s idea and it’s also why he was loved later by the Christian authority, so much so that they’ve used his words to encourage people to deny themselves through making sacrifices, which has kept us victims and believing we’re not worthy without paying our dues. This is all illusion and it perpetuates suffering!

The example Jesus taught was not dying for someone else. His example was that he never abandoned his true authentic Self by denying he was divine. This willingness to love himself so much that he was unwilling to sacrifice his integrity even in the face of death was the seed that Jesus planted.

Paul on the other hand, compromised his integrity when he chose to use his mind (which is not who Paul was at all) to analyze a way to escape his emotional pain rather than to accept what Jesus had shown him, that he too was divine, and as a divine being, to take responsibility for loving himself, including all his emotional aspects. The idea that Jesus had died for him so that he could get a free ride to heaven gave him great inspiration at first, but it didn’t do anything to remove his emotional aspects, not in that lifetime or in any other lifetimes since, because Jesus wasn’t responsible for creating them—Paul was. That’s why for the rest of his life he continued to suffer emotionally.

Further, once he had created this story about Jesus being his savior, he became heavily addicted to it, and thus, attached to it, which caused him to have an attitude of being right in order to justify why he was not taking responsibility for himself, for all his emotional aspects. This need to be right attitude gave him great courage to face all kinds of persecution during his travels to spread his message, and it was also the reason why later Christian authorities were courageously willing to battle with and even eliminate anyone who stood in their way of spreading this same illusion that Paul had created.

I want to interject here that in no way am I judging religion. I’m not saying there’s anything wrong with what any religion teaches. I honor all religions and respect their right to worship in any way they choose. I have no need for anyone to change views. I’m simply standing in my own integrity by sharing the understanding I’ve received from the divine within me.

So, you may be wondering why I share all this about Jesus and Paul. It’s perhaps interesting information, but what does it have to do with you? Well, it has everything to do with you because our entire civilization continues to run on Paul’s illusions so that there is a bit of him within each of us.

You see, Paul had a victim mentality and was addicted to suffering, so when he commanded energy from his imagination, as a creator, he wound up creating more drama and suffering for himself. He had already been doing this, but his new ideas about Jesus combined with his strong character that managed to convince many others to buy into his illusions, added a new spin to the drama and suffering that humanity was creating back then, and in the name of “making a better world,” we’ve seen a continuation of this particular approach ever since.

Meanwhile, because the essence of this approach continued to teach us these same old illusions that we are separate from the divine, flawed, and in need of a savior, today we all still hold these illusions as sacred, and are thus unable to accept our own divinity. Instead, we use our minds to come up with all kinds of ways to escape taking responsibility for our emotional pain, all of them an attempt to find love (or salvation) outside us. The mind will do anything it possibly can to keep us away from accepting and loving our emotional aspects.

For example, we blame others for what we’re feeling and use others to feel better, whether through sexuality or some other form of energetically feeding off of them, so we don’t have to deal with our own painful emotional aspects, or we’ll use drugs to cover up the pain. We might even hide behind religious or spiritual truth, and like Paul, use this as a way of avoiding responsibility for accepting and loving ourselves. 

This is also why the mind created busy, got-to-get-it-done lifestyles that are focused on accomplishing a future determined goal. The goal drives you to work hard, but the busier you are, the less likely you’ll deal with any emotions. The mind will tell you there’s no time for that; that staying focused on the goal is far more important. This is actually mass hypnosis. Because of our addiction to being victims and to suffering, we allowed ourselves to be put under a spell. But, none of these attempts that I have mentioned so far to feel better about ourselves have ever worked to free us from being a slave to our emotions, and thus, from the continuous cycles of birth and death, as well as the perpetuation of war and suffering—inside ourselves and in the outer world.

For the most part, this is why we haven’t been able to manifest our dreams. As we grew older, we fell out of touch with them, largely because we got caught up into the mind, which is a spokesman for the limitations we placed on ourselves when we chose to believe we are separate from the divine, flawed, and in need of a savior.

Even those of us who now know we are divine and are choosing to take responsibility for our emotional aspects, carry these aspects of needing to be saved within us and when the going gets rough in our external world and our emotional aspects are being triggered, out of habit we will continually try to go back to this old story of needing and wanting an outside savior to take care of us. Again, this is because we’ve carried these illusions within us from lifetime to lifetime. The most difficult thing any of us will ever have to do is to accept responsibility for being the creator of our entire world.

Since this idea of needing to be saved is just an illusion, what has continually happened is that we’ve lived many lifetimes choosing to be loyal to it, but have never found our way to the heaven, which was the ultimate reason we’ve been willing to deny and sacrifice ourselves for so long in the first place (in order to please God of course).

Consequently, on some level we feel lied to and even betrayed—and we are angry because of this. As I shared earlier, we have a lot of emotional aspects within us that are more dominate than our natural state of joy, and these emotions bog down the ability of energy, once we’ve commanded it to serve us, to go to work for us in the way we wish it would. The anger towards God that I speak of here is at the core of these emotional aspects I’m referring to.

Think about it, if someone promises you they will take responsibility for you, how does that make you feel? It may sound good initially, but actually this is failing to stand in your own integrity as a creator, so in the long run it doesn’t feel good at all, especially when you eventually discover they aren’t responsible for taking care of you—you are! When this happens, you may feel deceived, and even betrayed or abandoned.

I worked for a company once that got into financial trouble. It got to a point where they were promising a paycheck, but when payday arrived, they couldn’t deliver and you can be sure there were a lot of angry employees. This is what I’m talking about. In a way, this is what has been happening to all of us, and as a result, deep down we carry wounded emotional aspects that cause us to continually look outside ourselves for love.

It’s also the reason we keep coming back to the planet. When you cross over to the world of spirit upon death of the physical body, you take all your emotional aspects with you—as well as all you’re illusions. There, you come face-to-face with yourself. However you felt about yourself here is exactly how you’re going to feel there.

For example, if you spent all your life looking for someone outside you to take responsibility for you, or for love, approval, or acceptance, which are all offshoots of expecting to be saved, it means you believed you weren’t good enough or capable to give all these things to yourself, which is an illusion. It means you we’re never able to truly love yourself and that is what we are here to learn. As it turns out, since you’re still looking for love over there, you start thinking that perhaps if you come back here you’ll find it—and the next thing you know, you’re heading down that birth canal on your way back! So in a way, this mass hypnosis has doomed us to keep returning back here again and again—until now.

The solution is to choose to remember that you are the divine, that you don’t need anyone else, and to choose to take responsibility for whatever has shown up in both your inner and outer world. To do this, it’s important to remember that you are not your mind. You originally designed your mind to distract you from discovering the real truth as to who you really are so that you could have the experience of remembering, but now it is time to remember and thus, continual distractions no longer serve you. Your soul, which is who you really are, exists beyond your mind, so now it is time to learn how to go beyond your mind.

On the core level of your being you are divine, which means you have the ability to create anything you want, but your mind and your emotional aspects convince you otherwise and most of the time, you accept their arguments. This is why it is so important to cultivate a relationship with the divine within you. Connecting with your soul will deepen your identification with the compassionate you so that when your aspects get triggered, you’ll be able to embrace them with compassion and bring them home to your heart. All they want is to feel safe and accepted.

Actually, the reason we do all those things to avoid our true feelings that I mentioned above , from blaming others or feeding off of them, to using drugs, and even creating our got-to-do lifestyles, is so we will feel safe and accepted, but this is looking for love in all the wrong places. There is nothing external that is capable of giving you a permanent feeling of safety or a sense of well-being.

Only creating a safe space inside yourself where you can invite your emotional aspects to come into will accomplish this. In your safe space they’re able to calm down and relax so they can integrate, which means surrender to you, as the head of your inner household. This causes their emotional issue to no longer matter, and thus allows your heart to expand to become more capable of loving as the divine being that you are, free from attachment to their emotional story.

Remember, you are the creator and when you command energy to serve you by imagining what you want while at the same time feeling lots of passion for what you’re imagining, this causes energy to begin taking shape according to your choice so that what was once just a potential can now begin to manifest as a reality. In other words, in order to be able to command energy to manifest what you really want, you need to return to the joy you once felt as a kid when you imagined your dreams. Joy needs to become your dominant feeling.

This means that sooner or later you’re going to have to come to terms with your buried aspects that are looking for a savior and are angry with God, or even hate God because you believe He lied to you—which means of course that there’s an aspect of you that is angry with you and even hates you for deceiving yourself into believing you are less than the creator—not worthy of having what you really want. All such aspects need to be brought home to your heart, which will allow your natural state of joy to return.

In fact, even your mind needs to eventually surrender to your heart. Doing this requires a tremendous amount of Self-trust because you have to reach a point in which you’re willing to naturally choose joy over anger and complaint. I’m talking about having a willingness to accept with joy whatever your experience is, knowing that it was perfectly designed by your soul, even if it is something that seems unjust. Your outer world is never anything other than an outward reflection of who you are on the inside. Until you become a sovereign being, there are no exceptions to this.

Until now, most of us have believed that if we could just change our external circumstances, we’d feel better about ourselves and about our life, but this way of attempting to manifest our dreams is completely backwards. It’s chasing after joy on the outside when joy has to first be found on the inside.

Once you know who you are, you can begin creating a safe space within and again, this will allow you to connect to your natural joy. Upon this foundation, you will be able to command energy to serve you in ways you prefer. What you manifest in your outer world will simply be a reflection of what you have already become on the inside. In the New Energy, this is the way of creation.

Now you can understand more clearly why it’s been such a challenge to create what you want. Releasing all these illusions you’ve carried historically is going to take some time. During this awakening process things can sometimes get pretty challenging. When that happens, remind yourself that in this lifetime you have the opportunity to put an end to this search for who you are through all these continuous cycles of birth and death—and I know you are capable of achieving this.

Be patient with yourself. When you find that your emotions are controlling you, don’t beat yourself up. Lighten up, laugh, get silly. Savor each moment. Look at what an amazing creator you are, coming up with all this emotional stuff. You are awesome!

 Of course, it’s always nice to have clarity and understanding, and even sometimes, support. That’s why I offer my services as an Aspect Integration Coach, or what I prefer to call a True Love Coach. My insights and wisdom, when applied to your personal situation, can make all the difference in the world for you.

Also, if you were wondering how I know what really happened when Apostle Paul was knocked off his horse on the way to Damascus, let’s just say I dived into his energy for several years to learn about him and a few years ago published what I found out in Apostle Paul: The Untold Story, which is available on my web site.

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“I am that I am, and I am enlightened.” In these words can be found everything you were born to understand and experience in this life because they speak of true love. But, true love is not what you think it is. Usually when you fall in love with something, such as a particular car or home, or when you fall in love with someone, either way, you feel a wonderful emotion that you never want to let go of. Because of this, it’s natural for you to make that thing or person responsible for the way you feel, but the reason you do this is because you don’t know who you really are.

The truth is, this wonderful emotion you’re feeling is not what true love is at all. It’s actually just an emotion, manufactured by the mind. When you meet that special someone where both of you feel magnetically drawn to each other and sparks start flying, what’s actually happening is that your soul is giving you an opportunity to experience who you really are. This is because life around you is always a reflection of you. Let me explain what I’m talking about.

When someone triggers an emotion in you that you don’t like, this is your soul at work bringing you an opportunity to resolve an emotional aspect that was created either by you or a past life expression of your soul. The person who triggers you is really just a prop, put there to reflect to you something you haven’t resolved within yourself.

When this happens, your job is to find the compassion that exists within yourself and give it to this aspect. You were unable to do that when you first created the emotional aspect, and ever since, that’s all it’s ever wanted. When you’re willing to give it the love it wants, this allows it to integrate or find resolution within you. As long as you have emotional aspects that are unresolved, you’re outer world is always going to reflect them back to you so you can get to know your true Self.

This is the beauty of life itself. It’s as if as a divine being you chose to play an adventure game where you hid your true identity from yourself so you could have the adventure of re-discovering it, which of course is that you are the creator of the game itself. You designed this game so it would appear to you as if you were going on a journey through time. You planned to begin that journey upon conception in your mother’s womb as the human personality that you are. From then on, everything in your personal world that would have any kind of an effect on you, however insignificant it may seem, would be a prop placed on your journey—a reflection of you, offering you a clue to who you really are.

The ultimate reason you chose to play this game was so you could eventually decipher all the clues enough to remember the real truth—that you were actually the creator of the game, a divine being having this human experience. What this means is, you and your soul are actually one and the same, but the way you chose to design the game was so you‘d be able to have the experience of slowly discovering and eventually through a period of time, finally realizing this truth, and until then you knew it would have to appear to you as if you and your soul are separate. So, whenever I may use the term “your soul” in this video series, I’m really just referring to the real you.

So, getting back to my discussion about true love, your soul knew the best way for you to discover who you really are while playing this game was to be shown who you are not. This is the reason you chose to make this a world of duality. When you encounter opposites, you learn about both. Once you’ve had the experience of being cold you can now understand what hot is, and so forth. The opposites give you contrast and therefore, perception. The same thing applies to understanding love. When you encounter the opposite of what love is, you now have the ability to understand what it actually is.

Understanding what true love is however, was the most difficult task of all that you gave yourself while playing this game because love isn’t something you just wanted to experience, it’s who you are—a state of being. Your greatest desire when choosing to play this game was that you wanted to become an embodiment of love. This is why when you experienced a painful emotion for the first time, while it did allow you to understand its opposite, or the wonderful emotion you call love, it didn’t necessarily help you to understand what true love and compassion are. That was something you knew you’d cultivate within as you moved along your journey through time.

You knew that eventually, once you became aware that you are indeed divine, that you’d start taking responsibility for being the creator of all those challenging experiences. In fact, you knew that’s when things would start getting really exciting, because you knew you’d be able to bring back the emotions you once created but then pushed away, and because of your new awareness of who you are, you’d be able to dig deep within yourself and find the love that would help you get through those experiences, eventually arriving at a point on your journey when you’d be able to embody or maintain your true state of being divine love all the time.

Thus, true love and compassion was something you knew you would begin to cultivate naturally once you remembered who you are, and once you began cultivating it, you also knew that’s when you’d finally become an embodiment of it.

I share all this in order to help you understand the difference between true love and the emotion of love because they aren’t the same at all. Those wonderful feelings you get when you fall in love are really just the other person reflecting to you what you have always had within yourself. The reason you didn’t feel them until you met this person was because you hadn’t taken the time to find them within yourself first—neither one of you had.

Your tendency though, is to make the other person responsible for the way you’re feeling, which then causes you to want that person to repeat whatever it was they did to make you feel that way, because you liked those feelings and thus, want more of them. This is why initially lovers want to be together all the time. These are emotions they’ve never felt before and naturally, never want to end either. But when you make the other person responsible for the way you’re feeling and expect them to continue taking that responsibility (which is what the contract of marriage usually does) that isn’t love, that’s called control, and you’re also setting yourself up for eventual disappointment.

Again, when someone triggers in you all those wonderful feelings of love and romance, they’re really just a prop you’ve placed along your journey to give you a taste of the beautiful loving person who you really are. If you should choose to be in a relationship with this special someone, they are providing you a wonderful gift because their presence not only allows you to expand your awareness of who you really are, through having a taste of the emotion of love, but they’re also giving you an opportunity to choose to be who you really are by cultivating all those same wonderful feelings for yourself.

Doing so lets them off the hook so they no longer have to be responsible for the way you feel, and this also grants you freedom because you no longer have to be dependent on another person for your own happiness. You are no longer just in love, you are love and thus, you have let go of all the controls you placed on them and yourself. You no longer need that person to repeat whatever it is they did to make you feel good, and you no longer need to continue trying to be something they needed you to be in order to maintain their good feelings. This means they can do whatever they want and you’re still able to stay in your state of being love because you’ve made a conscious choice to do so.

Now, this applies to your relationship with all your emotional aspects as well. Either you or an expression of your soul may have created them once upon a time, but they are not who you are. You are divine love. They are an emotion that your mind manufactured because at the time, you were unaware of your true nature of divine love. This means when they return through being triggered by an outside prop, you’re not responsible for making these aspects happy any more than you’re responsible for making your lover happy.

What I mean is, when you choose to do something that causes your mind to question the wisdom of your choice, it’s going to search its memory banks until it finds a story about a time, whether in this life or another, when you made a similar choice and paid a terrible price for making it. It will then warn you that you’re making a terrible mistake. When these thoughts first show up, this also wakes up the emotional aspects that were created at that same time, and suddenly you feel the same as you did then—very much like you really are making a mistake.

The mistake however, isn’t the choice you were making that caused them to be triggered. The mistake comes when you identify with these aspects, believing them to be who you are. This causes your mind to become a spokesperson for your emotional aspects, bringing up all their demands within your thoughts, telling you in no uncertain terms that you are indeed making a mistake, and as you know, they can be very needy and demanding.

When you find yourself in this kind of emotional situation, it’s not a good idea to try to make these aspects happy by giving into their demands because if you do, now you’ve become their slave. The wisest choice you can make is to offer them compassion and embrace while maintaining your state of being as divine love. This is the only thing that will allow them to integrate.

If you agree with them and give into their demands, now they know you’re not being who you really are, and they’re going to wreak emotional havoc. You might call it mutiny onboard the ship of you. They rebel because what they really want is a strong captain who is a leader, capable of giving them direction by showing them who you really are. Without direction, they feel lost and confused, and thus can easily amplify whatever the emotion is they represent. As their creator, choose to invite them home and if they don’t want to come, that’s okay but don’t pamper them by giving into their demands. As you’re feeling their emotions, remain standing in your state of being divine love. This is what will get them to calm down and feel safe.

Of course, within compassion there is room for being gentle with yourself until you’re ready to choose true love. You may have a strong habit of identifying with their issue, causing you to continually justify caving into their demands and thus remaining a slave to them. That’s okay. I understand this very well because I carried on like that for a long time.

The emotions of your aspects can indeed be extremely intense at times, but you know what, so are the intense emotions of being in love. The only difference is that you want more of the intense emotions of love so you accept them, but because you don’t want the intense emotions of your aspects, you push them away. This is why it’s so much easier to fall in love with someone else than it is to fall in love with yourself. But whether you’re feeling love or pain, both are still just emotions manufactured by the mind, and for any that you push away, you will eventually have to bring them home in order to finally become an embodiment of true love.

So I invite you to say to them, “I understand all your fears, doubts and worries (or whatever it is you’re feeling) but you know what, I am that I am, and I am enlightened and in my enlightenment I am choosing to remain in the state of true divine love. That means I choose to live in the New Energy consciousness where I no longer need to control anything or have any agenda. I’m willing to choose absolute trust in myself as the divine being that I am, and step into the unknown.” Once you’ve made this statement, breathe with these aspects until they integrate and then carry right on with the choice you were making that caused them to show up in the first place.

Thank yourself for this wonderful game you chose to play and for bringing to yourself all kinds of props that have allowed you to come this far on your journey, both wonderfully loving ones as well as intensely fearful, angry or even hateful ones. The entire experience has been allowing you to remember the divine love that you are, and has been giving you an opportunity to expand that love to levels you’ve never known before.

And after all, what more could you ask for than to be able to master true love? So, when you say, “I am that I am, and I am enlightened,” these words say everything you were born to understand and experience, and they’re an indication you’ve arrived at the end of your journey and the game is over—if you choose.

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Today there are an increasing number of tragic shootings occurring by distraught individuals. Consider for example the young man who shot Congresswoman Giffords in Arizona in January 2011, or the individual who went on a shooting spree in Norway in July of the same year, or now the 17-year old kid who shot several students in Ohio a few days ago. And as we all know, there have been many other such incidents as well. None of these individuals had any idea who they really are because no one taught them. The truth is, we are all divine, loving, compassionate beings having a human experience but because these individuals didn’t know this, they were convinced their thoughts were who they are. Thus, they each acted out what their mind was telling them to do.

We are not our mind or our emotions but unfortunately our entire educational system was designed to groom the mind and consequently, it has become the almighty god in the sense that we think the mind is who we are. Meanwhile, there is little to no emphasis on developing one’s intuition or how to access genuine feelings of joy, or even how to embrace intense unwanted emotions. Therefore, when students experience such intense emotions, they don’t know what to do with them and end up listening to their mind, which will give them all sorts of crazy ideas, and because they think these thoughts are who they are, as we saw in the case of all these incidents, some will actually act out what their mind tells them to do.

There are a lot of ways society tries to catch such potential behavior ahead of time to hopefully help such individuals before their emotions take over and they do something tragic, but within the current awareness level success is going to be minimal. The only way to prevent these tragedies from occurring is to begin teaching our youth who they really are.

Becoming aware at an early age that they have a compassionate, loving part of them that is capable of embracing all challenging emotions would change the entire landscape of our educational system. Heck, it would drastically change the way life is being lived on the planet. Yet, this is the one thing society has not been willing to teach anyone because no one knows this truth. It’s not enough to be taught about a god that exists out there somewhere who supposedly loves us. To anyone who feels intense, unbearable emotions, this means nothing. It is time we discover this divine nature within us.

What most of us are not willing to admit is that we have the same capability as these three individuals. Of course we would never go on a shooting spree but oh there are times when we’re plenty angry and perhaps for just a fleeting moment, wouldn’t mind shooting someone dead. I say fleeting because usually we push such emotions away as fast as they appear because of fear, but in today’s energy, doing this is dangerous because it only makes them grow stronger. A battle begins on the inside between us and these unwanted emotions and as much as we wish they would just go away, because we’ve labeled them as the enemy, they’re buried deep inside and just waiting for an opportunity to again engage in battle. We may never get to the point of shooting a bunch of people but what about those moments when we get upset at someone and nearly bite their head off? There’s no difference at all.

This is what is going on in the world. Emotions are building within people and few know what to do with them. No one wants to be seen as having a problem, so most will just let them build. So, the battle inside grows and eventually the result is more and more of these bazaar tragedies. According to ABC News, a friend of the Ohio shooter posted a message on Facebook about his friend. The posting read, “I wanted so bad to try and help you but I could see in your eyes you didn’t care anymore. I’m sorry buddy.” People give up and don’t care any more when they are alienated from their true identity. Even if they have loving friends, this love is coming from outside themselves and is ultimately not enough to resolve bitter emotions. The love has to be found on the inside.

Such emotions can absolutely be resolved but for that to happen they need to be accepted and loved with compassion by the one experiencing them, and this cannot happen unless they know who they are. Knowing who you are makes all the difference in the world. I have felt similar emotions that it’s likely these individuals who went on a shooting spree did, but instead of acting on such emotions, I felt the agony, the desperation to be loved and understood, the hatred towards the world, whatever the emotions were, and I let these emotions know I accept and honor them—even love them, and that everything is going to be okay. Such embrace allowed them to integrate and come into balance. It ended the battle that was taking place between me and these varying emotions. This is the only solution to preventing such tragedies from occurring.

Every child has a right to be taught the truth about being divine while having a human experience. Knowing this opens the door to actually connect with the divine within, and how to do this also needs to be taught. Someone needs to show them how to access the loving, compassionate part of themselves because it’s who they really are. It’s so important to develop such a deep foundation within so you know clearly your emotions are not who you are, and then you’re capable of trusting yourself that you have the compassion and love within to allow such heavy, frightening emotions to be felt and integrated.

Imagine if children were taught at a very young age to fall in love with themselves, with their beautiful creative, compassionate, loving aspects. What a difference they would have when they enter adolescence in terms of what kids go through trying to understand relationships. If these kids were taught who they are earlier in life they would have a deep-seated confidence in themselves rooted in divine love and then they’d be so much clearer about how to deal with the relationship they have with themselves and the world, especially when they enter their teens and beyond.

Life is becoming very chaotic and intense and many are crying out within for a reprieve. The only way they’re going to find the comfort they are looking for is to go within to find it. It’s time to wake up from the illusion that we are separate from the divine. Only then will shooting sprees and other types of bazaar tragedies come to an end. In fact, war itself will cease when the battle ends on the inside. The time has come for a revolution of heart. True love is knocking at your door. Can you hear it?

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